Audio That Works for You

What do you need from your sound studio? Great ideas? Consistency? Fast turnarounds? Perhaps an audio producer who can convert that brilliant idea in your head into a neat audio file. At the very least, you probably want quality audio that’s on time, on budget, and on brief. It’s not too much to ask, but can be surprisingly hard to find these days.

At Abes Audio, we’re about audio that works for you. Audio that makes the right people listen, and communicates your message in a clear and compelling way. Whether you’re in advertising, media, business, tourism, film or real estate, we’ll help you be heard.

Why Abes Audio?

  • Easily track job status, cost and ETA, download your audio and listen to an entire collection of voice demos and production music - all online.
  • Beat your deadlines with our efficient turnarounds
  • Access voice over and jingle demos on the move, 24/7, using our mobile app.
  • Keep it fresh with over 60 world-class voice over talent, custom music production and diverse music libraries.
  • Get great value with mixing, music and sound effects added  at no extra charge.
  • Integrate your workflow management platform with ours for extra speed and convenience using our API.
  • Have finished audio uploaded straight to your FTP server or playout system of choice.

Key People

Abe   Tim   Jen   Bruce    
Abe Udy
Creative Director 
  Tim Holder
External Director 
  Jen Holder
  Bruce McDonald
Technical Director 

To bring you the best in every discipline, we’ve assembled a talented group of producers, composers, writers and customer service pros. Here are some of our key staff members you could be working with at Abes Audio.

Abe Udy | Founder & Creative Director

Abe Udy founded the company in 1999, and as the Creative Director is responsible for ensuring our production staff and voice talent are constantly challenged to grow and improve. His entrepreneurial nature and ‘client first’ attitude sees him work with many of our clients on a one-on-one basis when required.

Tim Holder | External Director

Tim Holder brings over 29 years of business and media experience to the leadership team at Abes Audio. Having studied accounting and attended Mt Eliza Business School, Tim’s ‘big picture’ thinking continually drives the company to find ways to innovate and grow.

Jen Holder | Director

Jen Holder has over 20 years in HR and management experience, and is a key part of the leadership team at Abes Audio. Jen’s attention to detail ensures that in a busy, deadline-driven production environment, striving for best practice in all areas remains a key focus.

Bruce McDonald | Technical Director

Bruce McDonald has spent years honing his craft, lecturing at SAE Melbourne and working for a national broadcaster. His focus is ensuring our audio quality is of the highest standard with regular staff development and training a priority.



Abes Audio upholds the centrality of creativity. Every job, no matter how large or small, needs to be infused with the appropriate creativity, energy and quality, every time. Creativity comes at a cost – but the cost of not being creative is a cost too high. We uphold creativity through systems, process and leadership that harnesses the strength of our people and their ideas.


inspires others to greatness and makes wise judgments which are supported by facts and seasoned by inspiration. We acknowledge that leadership produces outstanding results via consistency. Leadership takes the unremarkable and makes it remarkable, it engages people and sets high standards. We value leadership and its ability to turn ‘good’ into ‘great’.


Abes Audio brings together an eclectic group of individuals under our brand including clients, contractors, staff, management, directors and shareholders. Whilst we have differing roles, every role is important, every opinion valued and every effort appreciated. We value communication, straightforwardness and honesty that seeks to find answers and improvement. Abes Audio values professionalism and creativity, and supports behaviors that encourage growth and organisational excellence.


Abes Audio values honesty, openness, integrity and straight-forward truth. We want to know the facts, understand reality and hear it as it is. Knowing the truth in every situation helps us find ways to improve and consistently deliver the high levels of service our clients expect. Our ‘open door’ approach means staff are always encouraged to share both the good (and not so good), and collaboratively find solutions as a team.


Abes Audio is founded with a 'studio' comprising of a computer, microphone, makeshift wardrobe, dialup internet & 3 voices.

Our Start 1999


Telstra Australian Business Awards finalist. Broadband internet allows access to a wider range of voice talent and faster delivery. Our first eLearning narration is recorded.



Telstra Australian Business Awards finalist. First international TV series narrated and new website launched. Our team grows to 16 staff, over 60 voice talent and more than 1400 clients.




Abe employs a full time staff member and launches his first (very primitive) website. Dialup internet is still the backbone of the business.



Business partners join the growing company. eLearning and narration work increases. Our first Mandarin translation and voice over job is completed.


Abes Audio Logos


Abes Audio

Audio that makes you listen.

For over 15 years, Abes Audio has produced a diverse range of audio products for our clients, including:

  • TV, radio and online commercials
  • eLearning material
  • Custom music and advertising jingles
  • Translation and international narrations
  • Audio post, sound design, and much more

Our team of specialist audio producers, composers and voice talent have produced thousands of commercials, hundreds of jingles and many hours of sound design for various projects.

How can we help you?

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Simply brief us with your specific requirements and we'll be in contact to discuss your first project in greater detail. Some T&Cs apply.

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Office: 2/65 St John Street, Launceston, Tasmania, AUS, 7250
57 Devonport Road, Quoiba, Tasmania, AUS, 7310
Postal: PO Box 1017, Launceston, Tasmania, AUS, 7310
Fax: +61 (03) 8610 2108
Phone: +61 (03) 6424 2466
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