3 Vital Concepts to Adopt in Creating a Successful Ad

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2 Oct 2014  |  0 Comments

Advertising with a clear objective in mind will ensure your message is maximised and well communicated. There’s no guesswork, no hesitation and no doubt left in the mind of your audience, as knowing the endpoint at the outset will drive your overall strategy and help you proceed objectively.

Answering Two Questions

There are two major points to address when designing your advertisements:

  1. What message, thought or idea do you want to convey to the audience?
  2. What do you want the customer to do after hearing or seeing your ad?

Once you have answered these two main questions, it’s time to deliberate how to best deliver the message.

Voice Over Concept















Keeping it Clear, Simple and Creative

Part of creating an ad for your product or business is to inform people that you exist and that your product or service is the solution they’ve been looking for.


This is where the answers to the questions above become crucial. Once you have a clear direction and idea, say it in the simplest way possible. Don’t make your audience work hard to understand the message. For example, you might want to create a radio jingle. It’s important to use lyrics that encapsulate the essence of your brand or communicate your product clearly. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking every word in the jingle must be about your product. Reminding people how they’ll ‘feel’ when they use your product or interact with your brand can also be very powerful.

In print advertising, a good example of simple yet compelling advertising comes from Apple. In fact, their very first ad for Apple II computers consisted of a single picture with only 11 words in the copy.

Other details such as choosing the voice over artists  can follow once the message is right.


When constructing an advertising campaign, it’s best to communicate with clarity and leave no room for misconception. Although detailed copy has its place, the digital world has shortened our collective attention span – the first few words in an ad need to grab your audience’s attention .

Let’s go back to jingle creation. Typical radio ads can either be 15, 30 or sometimes 60 seconds long, and music is a powerful way to enhance the recall of your message.  Studies have shown that  words combined with melody are much more memorable than words alone.

When you’re using a voice over for your commercial,  use simple words where possible. As the old saying goes, less is more. The clearer your message, the greater the chances are of it being understood by your audience.


A potent ingredient in advertising, creativity stamps your message and brand to your audience’s consciousness, rendering it memorable.

For jingles, creativity can be applied to the melody, musical style or lyrics. You can come up with these things on your own but if you’re having trouble, asking help from a professional jingle generator or production company can make the process easier.


Applying these three concepts successfully to your advertising can lead to a successful branding of your product or company. In turn, this helps your audience better identify why they need your product and how it can solve their problem.

Planning your advertising with a clear objective in mind is essential when creating a relevant, creative and effective campaign. It will instigate action and making your brand memorable for all the right reasons.

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