4 Tips For Successful Radio Advertising

by Abes
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30 Jul 2014  |  0 Comments

Radio advertising is a powerful marketing tool.

Here are 4 tips to help make your radio campaign even more successful.

1. Know who you're talking to.

Developing a simple snapshot of the audience you wish to reach should be your first priority. Think about their gender, age, where they live and what income bracket they fall into. When you know who you're talking to, you'll have a clearer understanding of how to talk to them. Once the snapshot of your audience is developed, think about which radio stations are targeting this audience and talk with an advertising account manager to get the ball rolling.

2. Frequency is important.

Successful radio campaigns rely on frequency where the listener hears your message multiple times. Radio is a constant companion - people listen in the car, at work and at home so your ads can reach people wherever they are, regardless of what they're doing. But because the majority of listening is passive (people are listening while doing something else), they generally need to hear your message more than once for it to really sink it. Make sure your campaign has enough frequency and your spend is not spread too thinly.

3. Less is more.

Keeping your message clear and simple will allow the listener to digest what you're saying and take action. A good rule of thumb : 75 words fit nicely in a 30 second radio commercial for a well paced, medium sell read. Resist the urge to fill your radio script with too many words or multiple calls to action as the message could easily get lost.

Always go for one main point to remember for best results.

4. Ads that entertain or engage work best.

Some of the best radio ads use humour to grab attention. When you entertain and really 'connect' with your audience, you're well on the way to turning this attention into action.

However, resist the urge to be too clever. If you're using humour, make sure your message is clear and not buried in the comedy as you want the listener to remember what you're selling!

Working with a specialist radio commercial production company like Abes Audio will ensure your radio commercials are successful and get results. Talk with us about your requirements today.

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