Creating an Effective Script for Your Radio Ad: Elements You Need to Have

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9 Feb 2015  |  0 Comments

15, 30, or 60 seconds – that’s all you have with a radio ad to catch the attention of your audience and move them to buy your product or hire your company.

Radio Script Ad

So how can you do this? It all starts with an enticing and persuasive script.

There’s a formula to an effective radio script that’s sure to get your ad noticed. Here are the elements it needs to have:

1.    Attention-grabbing Introduction

A catchy intro is important to immediately get the listener to notice your radio ad. It’s during those first few seconds they can switch to a different station, turn off the device, or simply tune out. Make sure you maximise the first few seconds of your ad to call out to your target audience and create an intro that beckons them to pay attention. Once they’re hooked, the rest will be easy.

2.    Obvious Benefit and Powerful Offer

What will they get from shopping at your store or setting an appointment with your sales consultant? What’s in it for them? Your ad needs to tell your audience the answer to these questions in just a few lines. Make sure you explain this succinctly but clearly and use appropriate voice over talents that can represent your brand well.

3.    Creative Sound Effects

Sound is a powerful tool that can be used to create mood and elicit emotion. As a radio ad relies only on the power of sound and doesn’t have the influence of visual cues, make the most of your ad’s auditory element. You can use strong and authoritative voices to command power or use a radio jingle production to entice the audience. You can also insert creative sound effects to stress a point or highlight a line.

4.    Repetition

Anything said over and over is bound to be retained by the average listener. Notice how many radio ads keep repeating one idea multiple times in an ad? That’s the power of repetition at play. For your company’s name and contact details to stick in listeners’ minds, it needs to be repeated at least twice.

5.    Clear Call to Action

Just like any advertisement or sales pitch, your radio ad must end with a clear call to action. Visit our website, call us, book now, make a reservation today - explicitly tell your audience what you want them to do in your ad’s closing.

There are hundreds of radio ads broadcast daily just in your local area, so ensure your ad truly gets heard and doesn’t get lost amongst the ‘noise’. With these five tips, you’re one step closer to achieving this.

If you need assistance with writing your radio script, consider turning to the experts. At Abes Audio, we offer radio and TV script writing for various businesses and organisations. We can also help you in making jingles for Ads, whether these are for radio, TV or online use. Call or email us now and we’ll help you get your message heard.

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