Harnessing the Power of a Jingle in Advertising

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22 Sep 2014  |  0 Comments

Jingles may seem old-school compared to the flashy adverts you see on television or online today, but it’s like a secret weapon hardly anyone in the business is taking advantage of.

A jingle is an effective way of branding. A carefully curated sing-song television voice over, for instance, can mesmerise a customer and when done properly, it can stick to their psyche for a very long time.

If you’re unconvinced about its power, here are several reasons why you should consider having one for your business:  

Jingles in Advertising – Reasons for Using Them

• They create lasting impressions.

Ever found yourself humming to a jingle while sitting on a bus on your way to work? You might have heard it over the radio or more popularly, have seen an advert on television coupled with a catchy musical voice over. The enduring capacity of musical adverts has been proven and tested in a research in 1991, titled "Advances in Consumer Research." It was mentioned that music intensifies recollection; combine this with a visual image and you’ve got yourself a product branding that lasts for years.

• They trigger and stimulate emotion.

People buy something they feel or identify strongly with. The power of music advertising, especially if it’s catchy, is that it can stroke the right type of emotion in the buyer. Music, in itself, alters moods. With the help of a catchy track, the right tone can be set for the product that will leave the customer or buyer feeling positive about their decision to purchase it.

• They help solidify image.

As a company, it’s good to have an image your customers can identify with. Having a reliable song ad reinforces a consistent persona. Using a steady jingle for your business also helps your customers remember your company over time. The moment they come across a product of yours on the shelf, chances are they will hover towards it instead of the competition simply because they remember your catchy musical advert and have fond memories of it.  

• They create an air of professionalism around the company.

Companies that employ jingles with skilled voice over artists also seem more appealing and professional compared to others who have no solid advertising goal when promoting their brand.

• They help create personality.

People will identify with a brand they know stands for something. A solid image using a musical advert can create the right personality for your products and company. Take the famous, ‘I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner…’ or Wrigley’s famous slogan, ‘Double the pleasure, double the fun….” Those adverts added personality to the brand and company. Over the years, they are still remembered, even by those who haven’t heard them in decades.

• They set your company apart from the rest.

Like a nametag, a good musical track for radio or coupled with a visual image for television can help your company to stand out from the competition.

The Takeaway

Jingles are a powerful way of influencing and expanding your customer base. If you’re not using it, then do consider it as an option right now. It’s not only effective, but it’s also a lot of fun. After all, don’t you want your customers to remember your brand decades from now?

Creating the Sound

If you have no clue who to turn to for help in crafting a catchy and professional radio song advert, you can count on us here at Abes Audio to help you.

We’ve been around since 2001, and what started from a bedroom business has transformed into a professional audio recording company you can rely on.

Our team offers professional voice over artists ready to help you craft a catchy and memorable jingle to promote your business while setting your brand.

How to do it? It’s easy. Just choose which package suits your needs. Then, give us a bit of info about who your target market is, what type of music you like to use, and answers to a couple of questions about your product or business. After we receive the brief, we’ll get in touch with you on your free time to hatch a solid plan and get started.

Pave the way for your business’ success with the help of a jingle. You can start here. You can also call us at (03) 6424 2466 or email us at this address:

Remember, your business could be so much better with a catchy tune for your customers to enjoy. Let us help you.

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