How Voice Overs Help Create Successful TV Ad Campaigns

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15 Sep 2014  |  0 Comments

What’s in a voice? Whether it’s a smooth baritone resonating from a luxury vehicle commercial, or a soft sultry pitch from an exotic perfume ad, a powerful voice draws the audiences in and keeps them engaged.

Voice overs or narrations are more than just audio information. They’re as important as the actual content of the ad because they make a presentation distinctive. The right voice, combined with the use of clever sound editing and mixing, helps produce a quality commercial that stands out, creating a lasting impression to the millions of viewers.

But how exactly can a quality voice over or narration help create a successful television ad campaign? Here are three ways:

1. Capturing the viewers’ attention

Television ads have one goal in mind, and that is to encourage the consumers to purchase a product or avail themselves of the service being offered. To achieve this goal, hire television voice over artists who have the power to capture your audience’s attention. Choose a talent who fits with your type of ad campaign and will connect best with your viewers. Also make sure that your narrator can perform in the mood and style your campaign requires. Pay close attention to the artist’s tone and rhythm because these elements can enhance the audience’s perception and enjoyment.

2. Evoking the emotions of the viewers

Aside from using beautiful imagery and lively music and sound effects, your ad campaign needs to incorporate an engaging television voice over to evoke the emotions of the viewers. This means that the narration should sound playful and light when needed, or serious and solemn when necessary. So find an artist who can speak in a confident manner and use an engaging tone that doesn’t fall flat. At Abes Audio, we have a team of expert producers who can help you find the best voice that fits the tone and theme of your commercial.

3. Keeping the viewers’ interest

To keep viewers interested as well as to build credibility, make sure to find talents who can sound friendly but authoritative at the same time when conveying the message. The narrator should also be convincing and not patronising or condescending. His or her tone should also be lively and approachable to instil a sense of trust. These details will help viewers understand the message clearly. Also keep in mind that a television commercial is an extension of your overall ‘branding’. Thus, the sound and tone should embody what your business stands for.

Finding the right talent who is capable of delivering these aforementioned qualities is vital in creating a successful television ad campaign.

At Abes Audio, we have professional voice over artists who can deliver the appropriate tone, rhythm and accent to ensure quality commercials—those that are capable of reaching a diverse audience.

Whether you’re creating a single commercial for your small business or regularly delivering creative outputs to multinational companies, we can help make your television ad campaign stand out from the crowd.  

Contact us today and let our creative team help bring your commercials to life!

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