Top Things to Consider When Making Jingles

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30 Mar 2016  |  0 Comments

Like popular songs, TV and radio jingles touch people on an emotional level – making them feel nostalgic, making them laugh, making them feel warm inside or fired up. Jingles are in effect very short popular songs. In fact, some bigger budget TV commercials use pop songs and re-write the words. Why? Because research has shown that successful jingles rate high in two areas – recall and musical fit.

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When we hear a song it will often help us recall a moment from childhood or a high school crush. It can open our memory index. ‘Musical fit’ is how appropriate the track is to the product being sold, so a commercial for Coke might use a popular song from the sixties if the ad campaign is targeting baby boomers.

Why all this fuss about memories? Because even if a person has no immediate connection with a product, the song can attract them on an emotional level – they are buying into their own memories and experiences when they buy the product, because for them that’s what is associated with the song.

What is a jingle anyway?

A jingle is a tool for delivering your brand into a consumer’s sub-conscious. It does this by using verbal and musical techniques that make your product easy to remember. You could use homonyms, where words that sound similar are used to prop each other up. An obvious example would be a store called Wrights Hardware. The jingle’s text might be “Get the right tools at Wrights.” The musical fit for young fixer-uppers might be a catchy ‘folksy’ track, or if you’re targeting older males, seventies-style rock.

Getting the right voice for your jingle

The person listening to the commercial needs to identify with the singer and the song. For a hardware store, you might get a gruff-sounding male, for a childcare service, a young mother. Both sets of consumers are reassured that the person in the jingle is like them, and therefore can be trusted. Of course, you don’t have to make these decisions for yourself. Companies that specialise in radio advertising jingles and TV ad jingles can provide the whole package, from initial lyrics and music, to hiring the composer and booking the talent, to the final recording. In fact, economically speaking, it’s better to use one company for the whole process rather than spread the components over different suppliers.

Jingles that became hits and vice versa

The line between jingles for ads and pop hits is often blurred. Did you know that “We’ve Only Just Begun” by the Carpenters was originally an ad for a bank?

Or that Coke’s “I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing” was a jingle first, then a No. 1 UK hit for the Seekers? Not to mention the famous campaign jingles for Vegemite, Aeroplane Jelly or Decoré shampoo. It’s clear that the jingle is a powerful way of keeping brands foremost in the public’s mind.

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