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9 Mar 2016  |  0 Comments

Here’s a pop quiz – can you sing along with these TV jingles?

“I feel like Chicken Tonight, Like Chicken Tonight” or “Lucky you’re with AAMI” and “Good on ya mum, Tip Top’s the one.”

If you can, they have done their job. They have become “sticky” and attached themselves to your mind.

Just as in radio jingle production, all of these TV jingles were written by skilled composers, and that’s the secret to getting a really good jingle. Because to become sticky, a jingle needs to have certain features that experienced jingle composers instinctively understand. They need to follow a formula.

So what makes a jingle stick in your head?

As well as a professional voice over, the answer is “repetition”. Not just repetition of the words, but repetition of rhythm and melody. Take the Tip Top jingle. It uses the same rhythm in each of its three lines and a very similar melody too. Lyrically, “mum” is repeated at the end of the first and last line, reinforcing the emotional association of the product with motherhood.

Chicken Tonight also features repetition of a rhythm, with a slight variation in melody, while lyrically repeating the product name over and over. This is reinforced in the visual, where ordinary people perform a quirky chicken dance. The jingle and the visual are both reinforcing the key term “chicken.”

“Lucky you’re with AAMI” is a triumph of brevity. The first two notes “Lu-cky” are echoed in the last two “AA-MI”. The “ee” sound at the end of “lucky” is repeated at the end of “AAMI”, reinforcing the brand name, helping it stick. Amy is also a girl’s name, which helps us remember the brand.

Could Liam Neeson have the right voice for your business?

Along with catchy TV jingles comes the voice over. How do you choose the right voice over artist? By going onto the website of the service that’s representing the artists and listening to their demos. These are examples of the work they have done in the past, showing how their voices work with a variety of different TV jingles, commercials and other narrations. Character artists specialise in whacky voices and imitations; natural talents sound like the people next door, and then there are corporate voices that exude business-like authority.

At this point, you should find out a little more about the artist. Have they recently done an ad for a competitor? They may already be associated with a similar product, in which case you need to find a fresh voice. You might also find a voice that is at odds with your product’s target market but works because of the humour in the script.

A Liam Neeson sound-alike might be perfect for your dry cleaning business if the script has him say he possesses “a very particular set of skills” – Neeson’s famous line from the movie Taken – but in this case, to eliminate nasty stains!

Music, lyrics and scripts come together in a jingle

Whether contemporary or classical, RnB or rock, music says things about your product. Simply brief the jingle composer as to the style and sound you’re after, it they will be able to create it. Abes Audio composers are specialists across a range of music genres, and they have the tools to create everything from a modern, pumping dance track to a catchy folk tune for your jingle.

Combine your jingle with a creative writer who understands how to create effective TV commercial scripts, and your advertisement is ready to be shot. But remember that long after the visuals have faded from the mind, your jingle will be stuck in the viewer’s head, driving them to your product the next time they go shopping.

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