Using Instructional Videos to Grow Your Brand

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11 Nov 2014  |  0 Comments

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Instructional videos can be a highly effective marketing tool, or they can be something you spend a lot of time and money on with no real effect. So what do you need to consider when you’re making instructional videos to ensure that they do what you want them to, and increase the exposure of your brand?

Know your target market

Who is your video meant to reach? Understanding the nature of your target audience will give you clues as to the approach to take. Bright and quirky might match both your product and audience, or you might need something more serious if you’re aiming at the corporate market.

Consider the value adding aspect

An effective video will both enhance your brand and offer relevant information. You need to make sure it contains elements that draw viewers to your product and entice them to further investigation. You also need to ensure that the video and covers the basic information that people will be looking for – whether that’s concrete instructions for making something, or conceptual information that enables them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Use a celebrity

Obviously, this is a decision that will be governed by budget, and the availability of the celebrity you think is a good fit. There were a string of corporate videos made a number of years ago with John Cleese that utilised his inherent humorous talent to lift the subject matter (meetings) from something potentially quite dry to a much more engaging level. Celebrities can be a real drawcard, so if your budget allows, it’s definitely worth considering.

Use a professional scriptwriter

We’ve all been to bad movies, or changed television channels when the show gets just too tedious to watch – and often that’s the fault of the script. When you transfer that sense of frustration and boredom from something that’s purely entertainment to a business or marketing tool, you have something that’s potentially deadly for your brand. In the same way that a catchy jingle will grab people’s attention, an engaging video will hold their attention. A professional scriptwriter can use their talents to make even the most basic instructional video engaging.

Consider professional production

It’s important that your video is produced in a professional manner. From the voice over and sound track to the animation and vision - if care isn’t taken in the quality of the production, the whole thing can look and sound amateur, and may present your product or brand in a less-than-ideal manner.

Corporate narration is a skill that can make or break an instructional video. You need to use good quality voice talent – you don’t want people to tune out because the voices aren’t engaging.  For maximum impact, it’s important to ensure the voice over script references key points that appear on the screen. When people hear and see information at the same time they are more likely to absorb and recall it. However, make sure you don’t overload the viewer with written information – let the voice over expand on each key point while it’s supported with graphics or vision.

Whether you need e-learning audio for training modules or an instructional video, voiceover for a how-to video for your products, or anything in between, Abes Audio can assist you with producing a video that helps you gain better exposure and grows your brand in today’s competitive market place.

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