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McDonalds. Coca Cola. Mentos. Some of the world’s most iconic brands have used catchy and memorable TV commercial jingles to create recall with their audience. A great jingle creates a unique audio brand for your business and ties your campaigns together across TV, radio, online, on hold and other media. Jingles are so powerful they can build customer loyalty over many years and create lifelong customers of a brand. When you’re looking to source unforgettable jingles for your clients or your own business, we can help. Our TV jingles are instantly engaging from the first listen and only get better with repetition. From retail jingles to customised branding music, we'll work with you to create a package that stands out on TV, improves brand perception and connects with your audience.


Some of our previous work

Below is a selection of just some of our work. If you'd like more demos or further information on any of these projects, please email or call us.


As easy as ATC! Strong simple hook that builds..

Brake N AutoParts

Mid-tempo pop with a catchy top & tail.

Enfield Furnishers

A catchy call & repsonse sing-along jingle.

Smart Thinking

Fresh, clean pop with a recurring melodic hook.

That's Gelare

Catchy jazz and a smooth vocal that says 'icecream'.

GO Healthclubs

Energetic top 40 pop with catchy lyrics.


Top and tail energetic retaIl jingle.

Home Builders

Clean guitar and vocals bring life to this old classic.

Hydro Golf and Putt Putt

Clean guitar and vocals bring this old classic to life.

La Porchetta

Upbeat, fun, toe-tapping for a restaurant chain.

Rolfe Subaru

Strong pop rock that works as a full vocal or top & tail.

Shoreline Hotel

Toe tapping feel-good soul with very strong vocal.

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The jingle package you recently produced was the single most successful campaign we've ever run! You guys always deliver fantastic work.
Rob, Creative Director, i98

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TV Ad Jingles That Stick In Your Head

Researchers say the best jingles get stuck in your head because they’re simple, repetitive and feature a melodic ‘hook’. The ideal solution for your campaign may be a simple, compelling piece of instrumental music with melodic trigger; perhaps a catchy top and tail would be perfect to frame your voice over, or full lyrics that use the spot’s entire duration to communicate your message and slogan. A jingle is just as important as a logo, because it is the ‘sound’ that will be associated with a brand and trigger recall whenever it’s heard. No matter your industry, message or media, our team will collaborate with you and work to your brief to create memorable and effective TV jingles for your commercials. We’ll work closely with you during the entire creative process, so you can expect your jingle to be delivered on time, on budget and on brief.

Hand Picked Talent for Superior TV Jingles

For a jingle to remain effective after repeated use on air, you need to ensure the composition and production quality is of the highest level. We offer a handpicked team of professionals with years of experience creating distinctive TV ad jingles. Our composers are also accomplished musicians who combine the remarkable talent of both creating the concept and recording the final product, resulting in jingles that have sparkle and polish. Fantastic session vocalists are part of our network, meaning the message and lyrics of your jingle will stand out and be heard clearly. Our TV ad jingles are catchy, powerful branding tools and are effective even after years of broadcast. The long-term success of your brand depends on smart marketing, so invest in a catchy hook that gets lasting results. For TV commercial jingles you just can’t get out of your head, contact the team at Abes Audio today.


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For over 15 years, Abes Audio has produced a diverse range of audio products for our clients, including:

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  • eLearning material
  • Custom music and advertising jingles
  • Translation and international narrations
  • Audio post, sound design, and much more

Our team of specialist audio producers, composers and voice talent have produced thousands of commercials, hundreds of jingles and many hours of sound design for various projects.

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