Find Outstanding Voice Over Audio for Your Project

Find The Ideal Professional Voice Over for Your Project

Grow your business or impress your clients with help from the world-class voice over talent and audio production team at Abes Audio. We deliver professional voice over audio for a vast range of media and for clients across the globe. Our online voice over service means you can access a wide range of versatile talent, outstanding audio quality and high value production qualities. We also provide the perfect sound and music mix to enhance your voice over soundtracks. Whether you’re in advertising, education, tourism, mining, manufacturing or another industry, Abes Audio will provide you with consistently outstanding voice overs, superior audio mixes and a streamlined process.

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  • TV TV

    Sound can take an audience into the moment - just think of the sounds of crickets and sprinklers to summon a scorching summer. Great TV commercials rely on clever sound effects and production combined with the perfect voice over to draw the viewer in. You’ll find the perfect voice talent among our global network of voice artists, and our creative production team will help bring your vision to life.

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  • Radio Radio

    Invite your audience to the theatre of the mind with impeccable voice over and sound design that will set the scene and evoke emotion. Whether you need a professional, friendly, energetic or quirky radio commercial, we can help you deliver your message so it sticks - and you’ll always be in creative control.

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  • Internet Internet

    There’s so much digital content available these days that it’s harder than ever to cut through. Fresh voice overs and the right music will help you stand out and target your specific audience. Get a professional voice over and mix for all of your online content, including in-stream ads for video and internet radio.

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  • Youtube Youtube

    There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube, so what will set yours apart? Create quality content with a voice over narration that attracts and connects with viewers. We offer a network of professional, international voice talent. This, along with a compelling sound mix, will help your views skyrocket.

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  • E-Learning E-Learning

    Great audio helps to emphasise and summarise your important information while keeping your audience engrossed in your eLearning content. We can help you develop an engaging yet professional soundtrack with perfectly cast narration, background music and sound design to give life and context to your instructions and demonstrations.

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  • Explainer Videos Explainer Videos

    Explainer and introductory videos have been proven to engage visitors and improve conversions on many websites. We have a range of international voice talent that can provide exactly the voice over narration you’re looking for. Professional, casual, friendly or cute: you’ll find the auditory essence of your brand at Abes Audio.

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  • Documentaries Documentaries

    The voice of Sir David Attenborough is synonymous with wildlife documentaries. With professional narration, sound and music you too can create an immersive experience. Attract, inform and entertain the audience with a range of voice styles and accents from across the world and a soundtrack produced by the best in the business.

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  • Presentations Presentations

    Keeping an audience's attention can be difficult, so it's crucial that you connect with yours on as many levels as possible. We can help you with professional narration and audio that will enhance your visual content and have your audience listening intently. Choose from a variety of local and international voice talent and make your presentation a triumph.

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  • Hold Message Hold Message

    Hold messages offer a fantastic opportunity to provide helpful and enticing information for waiting customers – and to keep them on the line longer! Put your callers’ time to good use with informative voice overs, music and audio that will assist and connect with them, ultimately leading to conversions and sales for your business.

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  • Radio Imaging Radio Imaging

    Need a reliable and cost-effective audio partner when your station gets busy? We can assist with voice overs and specialist imaging production to refresh and brand your radio station. We deliver on time, on budget and on brief, producing impressive audio on even the tightest of budgets.

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  • In Store Radio In Store Radio

    In store audio can directly affect the purchasing behaviour of your shoppers right at the point of sale. Our online voice over service gives you easy access to the perfect voice over talent for ads and announcements, and we can source perfectly tailored music playlists to suit your brand.

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For over 15 years, Abes Audio has produced a diverse range of audio products for our clients, including:

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  • eLearning material
  • Custom music and advertising jingles
  • Translation and international narrations
  • Audio post, sound design, and much more

Our team of specialist audio producers, composers and voice talent have produced thousands of commercials, hundreds of jingles and many hours of sound design for various projects.

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