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Voice overs & audio production for digital content, TV & radio commercials, eLearning, corporate videos, podcasts and more.

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With our diverse range of voice over talent and expert sound engineers, your next project will really stand out.

And with Abe’s Audio, you can have as much creative control as you want, from wherever you want. It can be as easy as writing a brief then letting us bring it to life. Or if you’d rather be more involved, you can have complete creative control with directed sessions from wherever you are.

Whether it’s online content, TV or radio advertising, an eLearning narration or corporate video, sound design, podcast production or a jingle, we can make your next project have an impact – on your audience and your peace of mind.

Book voice talent easily


Choose a voice

Browse our wide range of voiceover talent online, or brief us and we'll make suggestions to help you choose the best voice for your project.


Send us your script

Email or log in and send us your script, along with your deadline and any special instructions. We'll review it and get back to you with any questions before booking the voice.


Direct the talent

For greater creative control and instant client approval, you can direct your chosen voice talent via Zoom audio from wherever you are. Or, if you’re happy to be more hands off, simply provide a written brief for the talent and we’ll get it done for you.


Download your finished audio

Once your project has been recorded, edited, and mixed with music (if required), we'll send you a link to download the audio. Simple!

Featured voice over artists

We’ve got the perfect voice over artist for your project. Find who you’re match by searching below.

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However, we will be able to find you the perfect voice - please chat with our team to discuss your requirements or adjust your search terms.

Other Services

Here’s the pitch – we’re quick, competitively priced and just really easy to work with!

Sound Design

Bring your vision to life! TVCs, social videos, digital content and more - our sound designers will take your visuals to another level, help tell the story, and make your projects sound simply stunning.


Script Writing

It takes more than just a few words on a page to create a successful radio or TV commercial, online video or on-hold message; it’s all about starting with the right idea.


Directed Sessions

Direct voice over talent from wherever you are to get greater creative control and instant client approval. Listen and provide feedback in real time – it's just like being in the studio together.


Audio Production

Television & radio commercials that stand out and get results. Bring your creative ideas and scripts to life with help from our experienced audio production team.



From short training modules to complete eLearning courses, we've got the voice over talent to help you build engaging eLearning content. Accurate, on time, and hassle-free.


Post Production

Produce high-quality, long-form television & online content with creative control from wherever you are. Audio post-production services that you can rely on, everytime.



We’re all hardwired to respond to (and remember) music. So when a musical hook is combined with an advertising or branding message, that message becomes unforgettable.



You have the idea; we can help bring it to life. From initial advice and creating show elements, to audio editing and sound design. Before you press record, talk to us.


Music is power

From your car to your workplace, on the bus or in a shop, from your earphones to your mobile phone - music is everywhere.

It’s always been a powerful tool for advertisers. It can set a mood, create an emotion, draw you in or get you moving. Music is the foundation upon which most advertising is built.

And while you can find a huge range of quality music tracks from production music libraries, you can’t beat an original music track, created specifically for your project or message. It’s the only way you can get complete control of the tempo, the mood, the instrumentation and the musical build points.

We’ve created a range of custom music for a wide range of clients including The Salvation Army, Hume Bank, and Shoalhaven Tourism, just to name a few.

From a singer-songwriter guitar and stompbox vibe, to tightly-produced electro-pop (and anything in between), we’ll work with you to create and produce a music track that perfectly fits your needs, and connects with your audience.

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We give you creative control, wherever you are

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Priority service

When you need audio urgently, we’ll deliver with priority turnaround.

Enjoy creative control

Direct talent yourself and select from thousands of music tracks.

Easy to work with

Send scripts, review jobs and download audio online – anywhere.

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Our prices are hard to beat, and, if you need some inspo, we'll throw it in for free.