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Every word carries intent. Whether you seek to uplift, inspire, educate or inform, Abes creates the connection that resonates with your audience.

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At Abes Audio, we go beyond the ordinary to create engaging, meaningful audio that connects.

A creative audio powerhouse, we have a diverse range of voiceover talent who reach a local, national and global audience. Whether you need online content, TV or radio advertising, an eLearning narration, sound design or a memorable jingle, we can take the project from conception to completion.

You create the brief - we bring it to life.

And here’s the pitch – we’re quick, competitively priced and just really easy to work with!

Our Process

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Email or login and send your scripts
1. Email or login and send your scripts
Choose the voice over artist
2. Choose the voice over artist
Check status and delivery time online
3. Check status and delivery time online
Download your audio
4. Download your audio

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Other Services

More than just great voiceover talent.

Audio Production

Audio Production service

The ear is the gateway to the brain; so what we hear determines how we react. Bring your ideas and scripts to life with help from our experienced audio production team - and see the results!



eLearning Service

A fast and reliable service for all eLearning voice over narrations. From a two-minute instructional video to large interactive courses - our talent will truly engage with your audience.



Jingles Service

We’re all hardwired to respond to (and remember) music. So when a musical hook is combined with an advertising or branding message, that message becomes unforgettable.


Audio Translation

Audio Translation Service

Comprehensive audio translation and voice over services in all major languages and dialects including Mandarin, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese and more.


Sound Design

Sound Design Service

The best sound design takes what a viewer is seeing and helps them to feel something. TVCs, online video, animated spots or broadcast content - our sound design will bring it to life!


Script Writing

Script Writing Service

It takes more than just a few words on a page to create a successful radio or television commercial, online video or on-hold message; it’s all about starting with the right idea.

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eLearning Projects
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