Not In My Wildest Dreams.

When I founded Abes Audio in 2001, I couldn’t have imagined where we’d be today.

From humble beginnings in my bedroom with a fax machine, an old school desk and makeshift ‘booth’ used by 3 local voice talent, we’ve grown to a team of over 20 fantastic staff and more than 100 voice over artists!

Abes has come a long way from dialup internet and handwritten invoices; but my drive remains the same - to help people tell their stories. From broadcast commercials to online content (and everything in between); I’m as passionate as ever about what we do and really look forward to working with you!


Not In My Wildest Dreams - Abe

From Strength to Strength.

Since joining as partner in the business from 2010, I’ve been on the journey as Abes Audio has continued to delight clients, producing literally hundreds of thousands of audio productions for projects across Australia and the world.

We’ve continued to expand our team of specialists to provide expertise in sound design, scriptwriting, jingles, imaging and expert audio production of short and long form narrations for eLearning, animations and online content.

We are so confident that you will love our work and welcome you to partner with us on your next project.



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