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Aidan, TV & Digital Producer

Being under constant deadline pressure, we rely on Abe’s for quick turnaround, high-quality sound production and audio mixes. You never let us down!

Audio Production

Audio production is the glue that holds an idea together. While elements such as the voice over, music track and sound effects are important components of a production, bringing them all together to produce one compelling, engaging piece of content takes experience and skill.

In this collection of blogs, we’ll unpack and share tips on a range of audio production topics, including:

  1. Music you can and can’t use in commercials
  2. How an concept is brought to life (and turned from words into sound)
  3. Must-have audio plugins that our producers simply can’t live without
  4. The power music can have on our emotions

… and more.

Plus, we’ll talk to some of our audio producers to find out what makes them tick and how they approach solving creative challenges.

Unless you’re making a silent movie, audio production is a cornerstone component to all forms of media and communication. From paid commercial spots to long-form entertainment, the soundtrack is a key part of content.

Radio Commercials

It goes without saying that a radio commercial relies on audio production. In fact, that’s all it has! There are no visuals to communicate the message and no text to convey the information. Most radio ads are a combination of voice over, music and sound effects, however some spots have just a voice over with no music or effects at all. These are referred to as ‘cold voice’ spots.

With the right voice over talent, a cold-voiced spot can really stand out. A producer’s job is just as important with these commercials because the voice needs to be clean and clear - there’s nowhere to hide! The audio producer will remove breaths, mouth clicks and and any unwanted sibilance, and apply EQ and audio compression to make sure the commercial cuts through.

If music or sound effects are required to build the story of the commercial or to support the voice over, these will be selected, added and mixed. Choosing the right music track is important; a track that ‘sounds like’ the brand/product/service that’s being advertised will add to the overall message of the commercial. For example, a spot for fashion retailer targeting 20-something females should use music that is fresh, modern, and connects with the audience of that brand.

Going deeper, consideration should be given as to the sub-demographic of the audience as this will further guide the music choice. For example, is it a ‘mainstream’ demographic where a commercial-sounding pop track would work well, or does the brand target an indie surf culture who would resonate with a singer-songwriter style of track? These are the judgments an audio producer makes on a daily basis, and often in a matter of seconds.

Online & TV Commercials

In many ways just like a radio commercial but with pictures, online and TV commercial content (video ads) also needs good audio production to glue it together. Sometimes less reliant on a voice over then a radio commercial might be, a video ad still needs a great music track and sound mix to connect with viewers. Have you ever watched the TV with the sound turned down? What you see on screen doesn’t have anywhere near the same impact as it does when it has an accompanying soundtrack.

In some cases, recording location audio can often be the last thing a videographer thinks of - when it should be one of the first! Poorly recorded audio can lower an audience’s perception of whatever it is the video is promoting, so it’s important this audio is captured cleanly. However, a good audio producer with the right restoration tools can often remove background noise, echo, clicks, pops and other unwanted artefacts.

Audio production is the glue that holds a creative idea together. Read our blogs to learn more.