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In Business It IS Personal

‘It’s not personal, it’s business.’

I couldn't disagree more. In business, it IS personal. 

Just as important as a well-executed strategic plan, clearly communicated goals, and monthly targets, business leaders should never forget the value of strong personal relationships.

Here's what I've learned.

1. Staff need to know why what they do matters.
Showing regular, genuine appreciation for staff is a powerful way to let them know that they are seen and valued.
Knowing that they are part of something bigger than just 'the next job' helps them to care more about what they do.
In turn, they go above and beyond for the business.
At Abe's Audio, we often talk about our 'why' and how it impacts everything we do and the decisions we make.Our staff aren't just the most important asset of the business, they ARE the business.

2. Clients need to know they are 'seen'.

More than simply an email or phone call, clients need to know they are seen as individuals.
Each of us has problems we're trying to solve and pressures to navigate.
When clients know that a business sees them, understands their pressures, and is there to give them solutions, the business relationship goes beyond simply being transactional.

3. When suppliers know they are valued, they’ll go the extra mile.
Too often, businesses treat their suppliers and contractors as simply a means to an end. But I think they're missing something important.
Suppliers who have strong relationships with a business will go above and beyond when it's needed.
At Abe's, we see this all the time with our voice over talent.
Often working with tight deadlines or complex (and changing) briefs, our voices often go the extra mile to deliver what our clients need.
We've built trust with them over many years, and it shows when we need to lean on them to help us in challenging situations.

Strong personal relationships are the foundation of any successful business.

Because in business, it IS personal.

Clients and voice over talent of Abe's Audio
Abe on the road - meeting clients and voice over talent.

Abe Udy

Abe is the founder of Abe's Audio and started the business in 1998 from his bedroom with an old computer, fax machine, dial-up internet, and a microphone in his wardrobe. Today, he leads a team that provides audio production and voice overs to media, agency, eLearning, video & creative clients around Australia and beyond.

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