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Is This Just Fish ‘N Chips Or A Lesson In Branding

Earlier this year on a weekend trip with my family, I ate what might just be Australia’s most authentic fish ’n chips.

The humble chippery at ‘The Gulch’ in Bicheno, Tasmania, has no pretense. Fresh fish caught by the owner, some rough concrete tables out the back looking at a small yet beautiful natural harbor, hundreds of noisy seagulls, and a glass of local red.

No pretense; the place delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

It’s real.

It struck me that there’s something powerful about a brand that’s authentic. I don’t reckon the owner would think he’s a marketing guru; in fact, I’d wager the words ‘marketing, target audience, demographic or digital campaign’ have never crossed his lips. And yet, the place was packed.

Authenticity. It’s a valuable brand currency that can’t be bought but is very powerful. And while paid ad campaigns are vital to communicate a message, if a business can’t back up that message with authenticity, those ad campaigns just won’t be as effective.

People know if you’re real, or if you say one thing but do another.

Now, where are my chips?

The Gulch at Bicheno

Abe Udy

Abe is the founder of Abe's Audio and started the business in 1998 from his bedroom with an old computer, fax machine, dial-up internet, and a microphone in his wardrobe. Today, he leads a team that provides audio production and voice overs to media, agency, eLearning, video & creative clients around Australia and beyond.

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