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2021s Most Effective And Well Known Jingles

Jingles Play A Crucial Role In Audio Branding

“Oh what a feeling, Toyota”.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the iconic Toyota jingle.
Jingles have helped to cement brands large and small into our minds for a lifetime.
Due to the profound effect and power that a jingle (and audio branding) has, it is fair to say that an
audio logo is just as important as a visual one.

Jingles have played an important part in some of the most successful marketing campaigns.
This blog will list and discuss 10 of the most effective, well-known jingles and audio brands in Australia in 2021. Let’s go!

Let’s kick this list off with none other than Bunnings Warehouse.
If you’re like us, then you’ll find
it hard to say Bunnings Warehouse, without adding "lowest prices are just the beginning".
This iconic Aussie jingle was written by Perth local
Trevor Hilton over 25 years ago in the 1990’s.
Did you know he was asked to
base the sound off of a song by Jamaican musician, Shaggy?

The Bunnings jingle is very well known.
Listen to this iconic Aussie track right

“Oh what a feeling, Toyota”.
This jingle is perhaps one of the most memorable jingles and effective Australian audio brands in existence.
In 1983, the team at Toyota were looking to boost their brand and their connection to consumers.
This led to a brand new slogan; “Oh what a feeling, Toyota.” If only the marketers knew the effect that these 5 words would have for decades to come!

The jingle was then accompanied in television ads by a satisfied Toyota customer leaping into the air.
The overall aim was to change the perspective of cars and look at them from the consumers point of view.
This new jingle captured how the consumer felt and the satisfaction that comes with buying a car from Toyota.

Since 1983, Toyota has become the sixth largest company in the world based on revenue alone.
Voila, the results of an effective audio brand. 

See a vintage ad
See a current ad HERE.

Whether you have a dog or not, at least once in your life you’ve probably found yourself humming along to Schmackos iconic “Dogs Go Wacko For Schmackos” jingle.
This famous slogan no doubt played a role in making Schmackos Australia’s number one dog treat.
The jingle is showcased in ads with
CGI versions of claymation figures of Dorothy (dog owner) and her pet Jack Russell, Roger.
The aim of these fun-loving ads and catchy jingle is to send the message that feeding your four-legged friend a Schmackos will keep you and your pet happy.

You know and we know it, “Myer is My Store”.
This famous Aussie jingle was recently reintroduced into advertising material in 2018 in the form of a simple, subtle, audio logo.
Besides being extremely catchy, the jingle also pays homage to
Myer’s heritage and the various services it provides to many Australians.
From beauty and clothing, to homewares and technology, thanks to this sonic trigger, Myer is edged into the minds of millions of Australians.

If you’ve ever used a mobile device, app, or website (um, hello!), then you would’ve likely heard the new, incredibly catchy Menulog spot.
In 2020, the company launched a successful advertising campaign featuring rapper
Snoop Dogg singing a catchy jingle.
'tacos to the château' and 'chicken wings to the crib', you’ll find yourself singing along to this in no time.

Snoop Dogg lends his vocals to this jingle for Menulog.
With his tongue planted firmly in his cheek, Snoop Dogg dropped some killer lines in
this jingle.

However, following the success of the jingle, Menulog ditched the Dogg and created new ads featuring local Aussie musicians singing their own rendition of the ‘did somebody say’ jingle.
View the current ads


An oldie but a goodie that is still talked about in 2021.
Banana Boat Australia is the leading brand of sunscreen in Australia.
Part of their success thanks to their iconic advertising campaigns.
One of their most effective campaigns featured a baby at the beach singing a parody of “Mah Nà Mah Nà” by Italian composer Piero Umiliani. Instead of the song itself, the baby sings about the benefits of Banana Boat sunscreen; “Banana Boat. Fun sun protection. Banana Boat.” 
This tune became so popular that it even featured in episodes of The Muppets and The Benny Hill Show!

Listen to the jingle

This list would not be complete without one of the top catchiest jingles ever created.
Roof Restoration company
Roof Seals’s ads feature a CGI seal dressed as a worker and speaking directly into the camera.
Whilst this part of their ads is intriguing enough, it’s the phone number part that is the most memorable.
“1300 36 70 70. Roof roof!”
Now you would be lying if you didn't just sing along to that…

“Hellooo...Frank Walker from National Tiles”.
Perhaps one of the most unforgettable audio ads in Australian history (big call, we know).
As soon as you hear the opening “hellooo” in a radio commercial, you instantly recognise the brand. 

Frank Walker is in fact the
managing director at National Tiles and is now a household name around Australia.
Even if you’ve never purchased from National Tiles, there is no doubt that Frank’s voice comes to mind whenever you think of the word ‘tiles’.

‘Annoying marketing’ like this is created in an attempt to leave a lasting impression on the consumer.
Somewhat annoying? Yes Extremely memorable? 100% yes.

It's not a jingle, but is still a very well-known audio brand.
Listen to this Aussie icon


An Australian classic, pest management brand Mortein has had one of the most memorable and successful marketing plays over the years. The famous Louie The Fly character, accompanied by their catchy “More smart, more safe, Mortein" jingle has helped make them one of Australia’s most memorable brands.
‘Catch’ a compilation of their popular ads

Mr Sheen first entered the market in the 1950’s and was the first aerosol product ever available in Australia.
As if this hype wasn't enough, Mr Sheen then introduced a character into their advertising; the
“housewife’s little helper, the rotund Mr Sheen”.
Accompanied with the catchy “Oh Mr. Sheen, Oh Mr. Sheen…” jingle, the Mr Sheen brand soon became edged into the minds of Australians throughout the 1950’s, 60s, 70s and still today.
This jingle along with other advertising was so effective, Mr Sheen has been sold for years without even advertising their product.


  • The Reading Writing Hotline - One, three double-O, six triple five, o-six.
  • Qantas - I still call Australia home
  • Doors Plus - Doors Plus, no fuss
  • Chicken Tonight - I feel like Chicken Tonight
  • Cottee’s Cordial - My dad picks the fruit 
  • Cancer Council Victoria - Slip Slop Slap
  • Coles - Down down (prices are down)

Status Quo become jingle musicians in this remake for Coles.
Here's a long version of the Coles 'Down Down' jingle featuring legendary rockers Status Quo.

So there you have it.
These brands - along with hundreds of others - have utilized jingles to boost their brand and become more memorable and easily recalled in the minds of consumers.
One catchy tune can truely last a lifetime.
Just ask McDonalds…
”i’m lovin’ it”.

If you want to stand out and create a memorable
advertising jingle for your client or brand, talk to us.
We’ll work with you to build a brief and compose a jingle package that might just make this list in 2022!

Abe Udy

Abe is the founder of Abe's Audio and started the business in 1998 from his bedroom with an old computer, fax machine, dial-up internet, and a microphone in his wardrobe. Today, he leads a team that provides audio production and voice overs to media, agency, eLearning, video & creative clients around Australia and beyond.

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