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How A Voice Over Session Works

How does a voice over session work?

With Abe’s Audio, you no longer need to stress about booking, recording, directing and editing a voice over session.
It’s easy – simply send us your script (with any direction) and we’ll do the rest.

Here’s how it works

  1. Search our talent pool and choose the voiceover talent you’d like, or brief our team and we’ll suggest a selection of suitable talent for your approval. Do you require a narration? Perhaps you’re producing a radio commercial? We’re constantly in communication with our talent and carefully manage their daily availability - so we know who’ll be the best choice and able to deliver by your deadline.
  2. We’ll send the script to the voice artist, with your deadline clearly marked.
  3. The voice over artist will record your script in a professional voice over booth, paying careful attention to any supplied direction and pronunciations.
  4. If your project is a long form narration, our talent will record a short demo allowing you to check the style, tone and pace before they proceed recording the full script.
  5. If you’ve elected to direct the voice, you’ll join the session via Zoom audio.You’ll be able to talk to the voice artist and provide live direction as they read the script. (Our team will send you all the details.) If time and budget permits, a directed session is something we recommend.
  6. If you’re not directing the voice session, the voiceover will ‘self-direct’ in an unsupervised session. Rest assured, this is a skill that our voice talent have developed over many years, reading thousands of scripts and responding to numerous briefs. Being able to ‘listen’ to the read while delivering it is not something every voice can do well, so we carefully select and work with our talent to ensure they can deliver unsupervised reads to a high standard.
  7. After the script has been recorded, our voice talent will upload the completed, high quality audio to our servers.
  8. The audio producer assigned to your job will download the audio and edit it, remove any unwanted ‘artifacts’ (extra noises, breaths etc) and add audio compression, processing and EQ, to ensure the final voice sounds crisp and clear. If your project is a long form narration voiceover, we’ll then have it independently proofed by a member of our team, to ensure your finished audio is accurate and error-free.
  9. If you require music or sound effects to be mixed with your voice overs, we can do that too – just let us know. (You can login, search and audition over 30,000 music tracks to find the perfect one, or brief us and letus select the track.)
  10. Once produced, your final audio file will be uploaded to our servers and a link emailed to you for instant download. We utilise Amazon Web Services, ensuring you get reliability, security and the fastest downloads. Put simply, your audio files will be safe, backed up for at least 12 months and available on demand.
  11. Simply click on the link, and voila! A professional voice over; auditioned, recorded, produced and on your desktop.
  12. If your deadline is urgent, this whole process can potentially happen in a matter of hours (and sometimes even sooner depending on the length of your script and production requirements)! Just let us know your deadline.

No fuss, no extra studios to book, no sifting through hundreds of lack-lustre demos, no cross-town auditions to attend and no freelance audio producer to hire.

From casting the perfect voice to producing the final audio -just say the word and we’ll take care of it all!

Priority service

When you need audio urgently, we’ll deliver with priority turnaround.

Enjoy creative control

Direct talent yourself and select from thousands of music tracks.

Easy to work with

Send scripts, review jobs and download audio online – anywhere.

Competitive prices

Our prices are hard to beat, and, if you need some inspo, we'll throw it in for free.