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Our Team

Our people are amazing...

... they’re the heart of Abe’s Audio.

You may have spoken to them on the phone, in a session, or by email.
Now, put faces to names and find out a little bit more about our team.

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Founder & Director

Abe enjoys drinking Bengal Spice tea (he’s not a coffee guy) and played the trombone in high school. Yep, seriously.



Hanna's daily long-black coffee ritual is non-negotiable. She can also often be found riding Tasmania’s stunning mountain bike trails.


Process Specialist, Client Service

Bek loves summer, spending time with her dog and husband, and enjoys a good true-crime podcast.


Head of Client Service

Britt loves her two Border Collies almost as much as her husband, and most weekends can be found playing with all of them somewhere in Tassie.


Audio Producer

Carlos is a sucker for travel - and when he's not in the studio, you'll likely find him exploring the world!


Client Service

Family time is Cheryl’s happy time. She’s a devoted mum and loves spending time exploring and going on weekend adventures.


Audio Producer

He almost single-handedly keeps Bunnings profitable with his knack for home rennos and landscaping. Damian’s always doing a project!

Damien (DG)

Lead Producer

No one tells a corny joke like DG does. Except perhaps one of his 3 kids. (Two fish are in a tank. One says, ‘How do you drive this thing’?)


Audio Producer

Dave has a penchant for vintage synthesizers and has a studio full of them. Stay tuned for his first album release sometime this decade.


Client Service

Georgia has a veggie garden that defies belief! Want to grow giant tomatoes? Ask her for advice.


Head of Partnerships

There's nothing Harry enjoys more than a sunny weekend on his SUP with Rigby, the Hound X Spaniel.


Audio Producer

James has a Daschund named Sarge. But even though James is about 5"11' taller, Sarge is in charge!


Head of Production

Give him a sand dune, a 4-wheel-drive, a swag, a drone, and a camera, and Jaron is in his happy place.


Client Service

If you're chatting with Jess, ask her about when she was hiking through a creek and got attacked by an eel! (True story.)


Head of IT, Audio Producer

Joseph is an accomplished muso and plays drums (and guitar) in the popular Tassie alt-country band Cotton Pony.


Client Partnerships

When she's not out having a boogie, you might find Josie curating disco playlists or crafting candles. Groovy!


Client Partnerships

Kiri began her career in the Australian Navy. Now, working at Abe's Audio, she uses those organisational skills to keep us all on task!


Chief Technology Officer

No one cooks a vegetarian curry better than Konark. (Well, that’s what he says!) But when you’ve eaten it, you’ll agree. It’s delicious.


Client Service

Liz is a talented singer-songwriter. From intimate pub gigs to big festivals, she's sung and played for crowds all over Tassie.


Audio Producer

80s music. 80s TV shows. 80s movies. It’s fair to say Marc is a child of the 1980s, and loves a good 80s remix.


Head of Finance & Admin

Patsy bakes a mean strawberry-and-white-chocolate cheesecake. In fact, the days she brings her baking to work are the best days of the week!


Audio Producer

Paul is a quiz master, hosting weekly pub trivia where he isn’t afraid to ask the ‘tough’ questions. (FYI - did you know Justin Beiber was just 16 when he released 'Baby'?)


Business Development

A caravan, a beach, and a roaring fire. Pete enjoys camping and the great outdoors and spends as much time as he can in nature with his family.


Audio Producer

Sam plays a mean saxophone - and has spent years helping to fill dancefloors in a Funk band. James Brown baby!


Client Service

Saph loves flowers - the brighter the better! She also loves pink hair, cats, and donuts. (But let’s be honest, who doesn’t love donuts?)


Chief Vibe-Setter

Don't let his tiny Dachshund size fool you - Sarge is most definitely in charge!