More than just great voice over talent.

Sound is powerful. It can move us to tears, spark our imagination, compel us to action, evoke a memory or draw our attention. With Abe's Audio, you have a suite of audio production services at your fingertips and we can help with whatever your project requires.

Sound Design

The best sound design takes what a viewer is seeing and helps them to feel something. TVCs, online video, animated spots or broadcast content - our sound design will bring it to life!


Script Writing

It takes more than just a few words on a page to create a successful radio or television commercial, online video or on-hold message; it’s all about starting with the right idea.


Directed Sessions

Direct voice over talent from wherever you are to get greater creative control and instant client approval. Listen and provide feedback in real time - it's just like being in the studio together.


Audio Production

The ear is the gateway to the brain; so what we hear determines how we react. Bring your ideas and scripts to life with help from our experienced audio production team - and see the results!



A fast and reliable service for all eLearning voice over narrations. From a two-minute instructional video to large interactive courses - our talent will truly engage with your audience.


Audio Translation

Comprehensive audio translation and voice over services in all major languages and dialects including Mandarin, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, French, Vietnamese and more.



We’re all hardwired to respond to (and remember) music. So when a musical hook is combined with an advertising or branding message, that message becomes unforgettable.



You have the idea; we can help bring it to life. From initial technical advice and creating show elements, to audio editing, sound design, and podcast publishing. Before you press record, talk to us.


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