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Directed Sessions

Creative control, wherever you are.

Direct your voice over talent from wherever you are,
to get the results you want and instant client approval.

Here's how Directed Sessions work

Get greater creative control

Often, it’s the ‘last 5 percent’ that can be the hardest to communicate in a brief.

When you book a directed voice session, you speak directly to the talent and can give them feedback on their delivery in real time. Directed Sessions give you greater creative control and ensure you get the exact read that you’re after from the talent.

Using Zoom audio, we’ll patch you to the voice over talent of your choice, meaning you (and your clients - if they’re in the session) can be based from anywhere. You’ll simply hear the voice talent as if they were in a recording booth with you. During the session, our producers will play back the various takes and mark your preferences, before sending you either the voice or fully mixed spots.

It’s just like being in the studio with the voice talent. Simply click the unique link we’ll supply to join the session, and the direction is in your hands.

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Kiah, Producer

Every session is a seamless experience and always top quality. We love your work, and our clients are always stoked with the output.
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Priority service

When you need audio urgently, we’ll deliver with priority turnaround.

Enjoy creative control

Direct talent yourself and select from thousands of music tracks.

Easy to work with

Send scripts, review jobs and download audio online – anywhere.

Competitive prices

Our prices are hard to beat, and, if you need some inspo, we'll throw it in for free.