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Hey Siri?

While Siri can’t teach us appropriate workplace H&S or how to speak fluent German (yet), recent developments in tech have allowed people to learn new skills at their own pace, in their own place. As a result, organisations are increasingly using eLearning to facilitate education anytime, anywhere.

With so much of this training happening on personal devices, it’s important the eLearning voice over is authentic, real and relatable. Our selection of voice talent (many of whom have worked with us for years - ensuring you reliability and consistency) can deliver eLearning material in a range of styles - from strong and authoritative (if required) to real, conversational and authentic.

We provide a fast, seamless experience for all eLearning voice over narrations - whether it’s a short instructional video or large interactive course requiring hours of narration. Our independent proofing process means your material is checked for errors before it’s delivered, so you can build your content with confidence.

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I review most of our modules, and I like what I hear. Your service and quality is important to us, so thank you for your work.
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