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Jingles keep you top of mind.

We’re all hardwired to remember music - so when music is combined with an advertising or branding message, that message sticks in our minds.


Big brands use jingles

Some of the biggest brands including McDonalds, Bunnings, Toyota, and Menulog are well known for their successful jingles, and you (or your client) can be too.

Put simply, jingles work.

Abe's Audio is the jingle creator of choice for hundreds of businesses, advertising agencies and broadcasters. We create catchy advertising jingles and music tracks that stand out and will keep your brand at the top of customers' minds.

Our team of composers, producers, musicians and vocalists will bring your brief to life and create a memorable jingle that can be used as a key component in all your advertising.

From short audio logos to full jingle packages for TV, radio and digital; we’ll help tie your campaigns together with consistent branding and audio that keeps your brand top of mind.

That’s got to be music to your ears!

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Josh, Marketing Manager

The Waves Sports Clubs
I love our jingle – you've nailed it. They weren't lying when they told me your business was something special!

Our jingle maker shares 4 tips for creating successful jingles

Here are 4 things to consider when you’re thinking about creating a jingle.

1. Less is more!

Don’t be tempted to fit as much information as you can in the lyrics. Like a great song, the best jingles have words that rhyme and flow and it can be difficult to do this well if there are too many words to fit.

2. Think about your target market

A common trap some people fall into is having a jingle creator compose a jingle in their favourite musical style. It’s important to leave your personal preferences behind and think about what style of music will resonate most with your target market. Think about the specific demographics and what would best engage them.

3. What’s the hook?

All great jingles have a clear ‘hook’ - a melody and lyric usually at the start and end of the jingle. Often it’s the business name and positioning statement, but sometimes it may JUST be the positioning statement by itself. Regardless, it’s important that the jingle maker creates a strong hook on which to base your jingle because usually that is what sticks and is most easily recalled by the consumer.

4. Start somewhere

Sometimes, you might not be able to find the words to describe exactly what you’re looking for or you may not really know what you want. We hear it all the time - “I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t want!”. In these cases, an experienced jingle creator will simply start somewhere and create a draft piece of audio for you to listen to demonstrating some musical and lyrical ideas. Even if you don’t love the initial creative idea, this first draft will at least help to get the conversation started. Sometimes it’s a springboard to something even better, but in most cases the first draft is often met with ‘I love it!” The key thing is - it’s important to start.

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The process of making jingles

We’re often asked ‘how the process works’. Here are some of the most common questions.

How long does it take from the initial briefing to receiving the final jingle package?

Usually it’s best to allow up to 10 working days, but you’ll often receive the first draft much sooner. Our senior jingle maker will call you to work through the brief and discuss ideas, and in most cases you’ll receive the first cut within a few days for your feedback or approval.

Can I make changes?

Yes. We allow up to 2 rounds of changes in every jingle package, and usually if more then 2 rounds of changes are required we probably haven't gotten the brief right in the first place! The onus is on us to make sure we understand your brief clearly so any changes required are minimal and the first draft is well on the way to being just what you’re looking for.

What if I don’t really know what I want?

That’s OK. We work with clients all the time who don’t have a clear idea of what they want or who are unable to put it into words. A professional jingle creator will help to create a brief and draw a starting point out of you (see point 4 above) for the composer to work with.

Do I need to pay a recurring licence fee to use the jingle?

No. You are free to use your jingle on any media, in perpetuity.

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