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Podcast Production

Professional podcast production for content creators

We help businesses & content creators make podcasts their audiences love.
From interview & panel discussions to detailed storytelling; talk to us before you press record.


How to create a successful podcast

There's a lot that goes into creating a successful podcast. And with so many podcasts vying for listeners' attention, it’s crucial that yours has exceptional sound quality.

Professional podcast production is vital to engaging with and growing your audience - because podcasts that sound great have more credibility than those that don’t. Put simply, your listeners directly link audio quality to their perception of content quality.

You can have a great idea, but if your podcast’s audio is sub-standard, the audience will switch off (and unsubscribe). If you want your podcast to really engage with and build an audience, it's essential to work with a professional podcast production company.

Abe’s Audio has produced podcasts for hundreds of businesses, organisations and content creators just like you.

From interviews, topical news and panel-based podcasts, to more immersive storytelling and fictional formats, our team will work with you to create a successful podcast your audience loves.

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The episodes all sound GREAT and we are so very happy with the way they have come together. All are officially signed off!

Create a successful podcast that your audience loves

Five steps to an outstanding podcast

  1. Plan

    Start with the ‘why’ and think about the ‘who’. Why are you creating a podcast? Who is your target audience? Why should people listen?

    Perhaps you want to promote the services your business offers and position yourself as an expert in your field. Or you’ve got a story to tell, and you have a clear audience in mind. Or, you’re creating a topical news-based podcast for a specific demographic.

    With millions of podcasts competing for listeners, starting with a clear ‘why’ and ‘who’ will ensure yours connects with and builds an audience.

    If you’ve got an idea for your podcast but need help further developing the concept, just let us know.

  2. Record

    The best podcasts get to their content quickly. Ideally, your podcast should hook the listener within the first 60 seconds.

    Duration is also important; don’t assume that longer is better. While a select few have succeeded with long-form episodes, many podcasts haven’t.
    It can be daunting for new listeners to commit to a lengthy podcast they haven't heard.

    A good recording environment and the right equipment are important to ensure your content is captured well. However, you don’t necessarily need expensive recording software or years of experience to record your podcast audio successfully. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, and make it easy.

    Just talk to us before you press record.

  3. Produce

    Once you’ve recorded the content, professional podcast production is crucial to making the episode sound polished. We have a suite of powerful audio tools and a team of experienced producers, so your podcast will be in safe hands.

    For simple discussion and panel-based podcast formats, we’ll:

    - Remove outtakes, umms & ahhs and stumbles

    - Reduce echo & background noise and enhance audio quality - Ensure dialogue sounds as even, clear and clean as possible

    - Add a supplied intro and outro

    Detailed sound design is essential for more complex story-based podcasts because the listener should get ‘lost’ in the content and feel like they’re a part of it.
    The right music and sound effects are critical to weaving an immersive narrative around the dialogue.

    For these podcasts, we’ll assign an experienced sound designer who’ll work with you from briefing to completion to bring your vision to life.
    You’ll have access to our library of thousands of licenced music tracks and sound effects, and you can even direct the episode production via Zoom for even greater creative control.

  4. Publish

    When the episode is ready to go live, you’ll need to publish it to a platform that will distribute it to the major podcast apps. Not sure where to start? We can help.

  5. Promote

    Repurposing your content and promoting your podcast across social media should be part of your plan to grow your audience. While there is no secret sauce (don't believe people who say there is), there are a few things you can do.

    Turn audio into engaging social video with Audiograms. Using highlights from your podcast, audiograms will encourage people to subscribe to your podcast.

    Transcribing your podcast could also be helpful, as you could use the transcription as a blog post to help build SEO credibility. Show notes - a summary of the episode - can also be included when you publish the episode.

    We can discuss the various paid and organic options you might like to consider in promoting your podcast.

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