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Jingle Production

1. A non-refundable deposit of 50 percent of the package rate will be logged when we begin the writing and pre-production process.

2. Packages include 2 rounds of alterations / changes to the first demo produced, and any additional changes after that may incur a fee. Remember, a very clear brief from the start will help us write and produce exactly what you require.

3. A jingle must not contain the same melody or lyrics as that of copyrighted material. We can reference the 'sound' of a particular genre of music, but we can not break the law.

4. If you've purchased the rights to use a particular song or require us to produce a similar version of it, we'll need you to provide production approval in writing.

5. For non-account clients, full payment is required before delivery of the final package. Once the payment has cleared, we’ll mail you the CD package or upload your files.

6. Purchasing the jingle grants you an exclusive, perpetual licence for broadcast, online, in-store and on-hold use. There are no ongoing fees or royalties to paid by you.

7. Copyright remains the property of Abe's Audio.

8. All rates are + GST.

Music Licensing

1. We licence production music from a variety of suppliers and take care of all the paperwork and licensing costs. Put simply - you do not need to pay any additional royalties or report usage once you have paid our production fee.

2. We log all music used as the job is completed and report usage as required on your behalf.

3. All music available on our website (contact us for a login) is watermarked and low quality for audition purposes only, and must not be used in any final production. Simply let us know the track title/s you'd like to use in your job when you send a production brief or script.

Usage Terms

1. TV, radio, online and cinema commercials are supplied with a 12 month usage licence.

2. Usage over 12 months will incur an additional 100% charge of the initial job fee.

Payment Terms

1. Invoices are issued to qualified customers on the last day of the month.

2. Payment terms are 30 days from date of issue.

3. Payment can be made by cheque, direct deposit or credit card. (Visa & Mastercard.) If paying by direct deposit, please put the invoice number in the 'Payment Details' field.

4. Overdue accounts may be referred to our collections department and may incur an overdue fee.

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