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We bring your message to life

You need audio that makes your audience respond – we get that. But turning the words on a page into audio that truly engages is a real art… and that’s where we come in.

We give you easy access to some of the best professional voiceover artists from around the country - people who know how to ‘get inside a script’ and bring it to life. From a voiceover narration to a retail TV commercial, our voices can deliver the read you’re looking for, in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Got a tight deadline? No stress! We carefully manage and work with our voice over talent every day, so we always know who’s available and who can deliver.

Plus, to make it as easy as possible for you to plan, budget and create your project, all voice talent, studio and audio editing fees are covered in the one invoice.

Whether you’re needing a professional voice over for video, commercials, eLearning, a narration or presentations – Abe’s Audio can deliver your script fast and hassle-free… You just say the word!

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Born in the USA

No matter where you are in the world, we can supply the perfect American voice over artist for any project. From voice over narrations to commercials, eLearning to social content - when you need a professional American voice, we can help.

We have a range of male and female Canadian and American voice artists on our books (many of whom we’ve worked with for years,) so you’re guaranteed high audio quality and reliability. Think of the time you’ll save not having to to sort through hundreds of below-average demos!

You might be in New Zealand, your Abe's producer in Australia and the American voice over artist in... well.. America - but it doesn’t matter. We’ll make the process of casting, recording and producing across the world simple!

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Most popular voice over styles

10 years ago, the style most commonly requested in the voice over industry was a ‘hard sell read.’ While we still produce many TV and radio commercials that are hard sell, this style is less requested today than it once was. Advertising and communication is trending towards more of a ‘conversation’ as consumers demand more individual engagement.

One of the most popular narration styles we’re seeing increasingly requested is a ‘conversational, authentic read.’ This is one of the hardest deliveries for a voice over talent to execute, partly because it requires an element of acting and the voice over artist to really ‘get inside’ the meaning of a script. The trick is to not sound like a script is being ‘read’.

Another popular voice over style commonly requested is ‘bright and friendly’. Again, it’s about engagement - not shouting at the listener or yelling at the viewer - but talking to them.

We can recommend voice talent who handle these styles of delivery particularly well. Talk to our team today for suggestions.

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Mandarin voice over talent

You can communicate with a Mandarin-speaking audience easily - even if your script is in English!

We have a selection of genuine China-based Mandarin voice over artists and translators on our books whom we’ve had long standing relationships with, so you’re guaranteed accuracy and quality. We’ll even check the Mandarin voice over with an independent third-party against the script to ensure it’s correct in language and intent.

Do you need translation and voice overs in other languages? No problem. We work native-speaking voice over talent across all the major languages - and if we don’t have the talent you need, we’ll use our extensive network to find them.

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